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Kabayan Filipino Market

Your Gateway to Authentic Filipino Foods and Snacks!

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Explore the Essence of Filipino Food!

  • Flavorful Delicacies: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Filipino flavors. From savory adobo to sweet halo-halo, our selection is a celebration of culinary excellence.
  • Traditional Comforts: Rediscover the comfort of home with our range of traditional Filipino dishes. Every bite is a nostalgic journey to the heart of Filipino kitchens.
  • Snack Time Delights: Elevate your snack game with an array of Filipino snacks – from crunchy chicharrón to delightful polvorón. Each bite tells a story of Filipino snack culture.
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Experience the Delight of Filipino Breads:

Pan De Sal
Pan De Ube
Tasty Hopia

Wake up to the warm aroma of freshly baked pandesal, a Filipino breakfast staple that's both fluffy and flavorful.

a shelf of snacks

Dive into Filipino Snacking Bliss:

  • Chichirya Charms: Crunch into the addictive world of chichirya – from crispy fish crackers to savory adobo-flavored snacks.
  • Sweet Merienda Moments: Elevate your merienda with delightful treats like polvorón, pastillas, and other sweet delicacies.
  • Ube-licious Goodies: Experience the magic of ube in various forms, from ube-filled pastries to purple yam-flavored snacks.
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Uncover the richness of Filipino gastronomy with Your Kabayan Filipino Market.

Join us on this flavorful adventure, where every meal is a taste of home.

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